About the Artist

Barb face painting at First Night AlexandriaAs a mother, I love engaging in activities that my children enjoy.  My interest in face painting grew out of my younger sons' love of role-playing and dressing in costume. It's not uncommon to have a pirate, Spider-Man, and the Hulk grace our house in the course of a week.

People tell me that I'm a natural with children, and I do seem blessed with a temperament that sets young children at ease. I am constantly amazed by their imaginations, and by the creativity that flows from their young minds.  I find face painting is a great way to foster and engage that creativity.

To develop and improve my techniques, I participate in regular face-painting "jams" with fellow face painters in Northern Virginia, and attend conferences such as the FABAIC (Face & Body Art International Convention) and the Kapital Kidvention.

Barb paintingThe professional-grade paints and glitter that I use have been designed and produced specifically for use on the face and body. In the course of volunteering at my sons' school and activities, I have undergone background checks and have received VIRTUS certification to work with children.

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